The Raven

26 May 2020

The Raven

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You left me here alone in rage
Trapped like a bird inside a cage
You know my fear to be alone
I feel the shiver down my bones

I sense your presence all around
Piercing eyes cut the deadened sound
Is someone out there in the cold
Or am I being paranoid?

A window scrapes from the screeching trees
An ambience lingers in the velvet breeze
A shadow lurks in the cold dense air
I look outside, is there someone there?

Is there anybody out there?
Is anybody out there?

Oh how quick the fever spreads
I’m painting pictures in my head
Visions of you standing there
In the bleak moonlight with a wicked stare

I hear a knocking at the door
As the rain drips down and thunder roars
A shrieking sound evades the night
Like a joker cackling in a fright

Someone’s creeping up on me
Mocking my captivity
Footsteps tap the creaking floors
Try to break outside the chamber doors

Is anybody out there?
Should I let you in?
Is anybody out there?
Maybe I’d let you in
Is anybody out there?
In the dark, cold night?
Is anybody out there?
Is anybody out there?

I fear that I have gone insane
Climbing the walls inside my brain
If somebody’s out there please come in
I’m craving warmth and company

If somebody’s out there
Won’t you please come in
It’s getting kind of lonely
I could use some company
Is anybody out there?
Is anybody out there?
Is anybody out there?
Is anybody out there?