Unsound Foundation is a band unlike any other. Blending multiple styles from across many eras to create their own genre of “something” rock.

When Tim Cravens, (guitar/vocals), Josh Odaffer (bass/vocals), and Allen Kronenberger (drums/vocals) step on stage, punk bleeds through post grunge with a dash of cheekiness, seeping into a modern mesh of melodic mayhem.

In 2019 they headed into the studio to record their first full-length album, Inn for a Rude Awakening, due out April 30, 2021. Debuting several killer tracks, new videos, and more to come, you better get in on the ground floor before your mom is cooler than you.

Allen - Drums, Vocals
Drums / Vocals
Josh Odaffer - Vocals, Bass
Vocals / Bass
Tim - Vocals, Guitar
Vocals / Guitar
The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven
  1. The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven