29 April 2021
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Inn for a Rude Awakening is out Now!

We’re so excited to announce the our 1st album, Inn for a Rude Awakening is out now everywhere! This album has been several years in the making and we’re so excited you all can finally get a listen. We’d especially like to thank our Engineer, Mixer, and Co-Producer Joshua “Cartier” Cutsinger and Hayloft Studios. Also... Read More
10 June 2021

Antihero Official Music Video is Out Now

Check out our new video for our song Antihero! We’re very excited with how it turned out! Give it a watch and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel, we’ll have more fun videos coming! This one was directed by our friend Patoriuss, Illustrated by Pablo Vaquero and Digital Compositing by Patoriuss, Pablo Vaquero,... Read More
22 April 2021


When I was made, they broke the moldBecause I will never do what I’m toldLock and loadLet’s get this shown the road…There’s flashing lights and no looking backThat’s a matter of fact Without a care I’m out in the airIf you mess with me you better bewareA tattered soul,And I’m about to lose control…An urgent... Read More
16 March 2021

Unhappy Hour Single Out Now

Our sixth single off of our upcoming album, Inn for a Rude Awakening, is out now. Have you ever noticed how your neighborhood bar can almost seem like the local shrinks office, and the bar tender the therapist? Is it an happy hour, or an unhappy hour? Check it out now on Spotify, Amazon, Apple,... Read More
08 March 2021

Unhappy Hour

Come in from the showThere’s a place you can hideFrom the spiraling slideOr the devil insideEchoes haunt the roomFrom souls lost here tonightLike moths to the lightThey’re ready to igniteA dollar for your thoughtsAs I pour you this roundBefore you start to drownWhisper something profound (Chorus) Step inside to the unhappy hour Sit back relax... Read More
25 February 2021

Antihero Single Out Now!

We all have those moments every day; do we do the right thing? Do we step up? Or not? Now’s your chance to step up and do the right thing, our new single Antihero is out now on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, iTunes, YouTube, most everywhere you get your tunes. It’s about making that choice, to... Read More
The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven
  1. The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven