Come to see us!
Unsound Foundation playing TRiP Santa Monica Thursday March 12, 2020
Date : 12 / Mar / 2020
Time : 7:30pm
Address : 2101 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, California 90405

Pre-Friday the 13TRiP show on Thursday March 12, 2020


Due to a closure of a a certain venue we were forced to call an audible and move the show to the westside. Allen’s mother is in town and we need to get her approval. Come out on March 12th to the TRiP Santa Monica so we can show her a great time!

Let’s get freaky before Friday!!!

No Cover


7:30pm Jeff Synder
8:30pm Chickenbox
9:30pm The Dirty Roots
10:30pm Unsound Foundation

Withdraw // Unsound Foundation - Withdraw
  1. Withdraw // Unsound Foundation - Withdraw
  2. Unhappy Hour // Unsound Foundation - Unhappy Hour
  3. The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven
  4. Pounce // Unsound Foundation - Inn for a Rude Awakening
  5. Frankencar // Unsound Foundation - Inn for a Rude Awakening
  6. Back to One // Unsound Foundation - Back to One
  7. Antihero // Unsound Foundation - Antihero