Come to see us!
Digital LA and Planet LA Records' StayAtHome Band Jam 5 with Unsound Foundation - 25 April 2020 6pm
Date : 25 / Apr / 2020
Time : 6:00pm Pacific
Address : Instagram @DigitalLA @PlanetLArecords


At Your Home

Josh and Tim have joined on to DigitalLA and Planet LA Records’ #StayAtHome Band Jam 5 Instagram Live performance.

The show will be streaming from 6pm until 9pm Saturday 25 April 2020 as a response to all the COVID social distancing.

It’s free to tune in via Instagram at @DigitalLA and then @PlanetLArecords

The lineup is exciting, stick around for the whole thing or pop in for our set:

It free, although there is a PayPal tip jar if you’re feeling generous: PayPal.com/planetlarecords

6-7:30pm on @digitalla Instagram channel
6pm: Matt Santry @mattsantry
6:15pm: Jeff Campbell @jeffcmpbll
6:30-7pm: Tatiana DeMaria @tatianademaria
7pm: McKail Seely @mckailseely
7:15pm: Cody Jay @codyjaymusic_
7:30-9pm on @planetlarecords Instagram channel
7:30pm: Patrick Dwyer @patrickdmusic
7:45pm: Sylvia Bosco @sylviaboscomusic
8pm:  Mary Bee @marybeemusic
8:15pm: Caloy @caloymusic
8:30pm:  Unsound Foundation @unsoundfoundation
Withdraw // Unsound Foundation - Withdraw
  1. Withdraw // Unsound Foundation - Withdraw
  2. Unhappy Hour // Unsound Foundation - Unhappy Hour
  3. The Raven // Unsound Foundation - The Raven
  4. Pounce // Unsound Foundation - Inn for a Rude Awakening
  5. Frankencar // Unsound Foundation - Inn for a Rude Awakening
  6. Back to One // Unsound Foundation - Back to One
  7. Antihero // Unsound Foundation - Antihero